Modern beauty treatments are constantly evolving, and beauticians need to follow these developments closely in order to analyse the new techniques and studies being devised.

The owner of the salon, Ms Silvana from Olbia, stays up-to-date on the most cutting-edge facial and body beauty treatments, and offers her customers the latest discoveries to treat teenage acne, as well as providing laser treatments, electrocoagulation, LPG (Endermologie), cavitation and therapeutic pedicures (using titanium foil).


anti-cellulite massages, facial cosmetics, cosmetics for sale

The salon offers relaxation, sport and remedial massages, as well as lymph drainage and electro-stimulation.


waxing, facial cleansing, body massages

As well as the traditional hair removal method of waxing, we carry out sessions with a new permanent hair removal technique for those who wish to break free from being a "slave to unwanted hair".

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